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These prices are here to give you a general sense of how much I charge, and are in no way final. They serve as a jumping off point for conversation, in order to determine a price that works for us both. I'm more than happy to give you a more accurate price once we've discussed the project and hammered out the details. I never charge for estimates or initial meetings, so feel free to shoot me an email describing your needs and we'll go from there.

Writing Prices


Article, Blog Post, & Content Writing Light Research Medium Research Heavy Research 
500 to 1,000 words $100 $180 $250
1,000 to 1,500 words  $180 $250 $525
1,500 to 2,000 words  $250 $525 $600

Editing Prices

Again, these prices are just a jumping off point. They may be combined, separated, or done in stages, depending on what is needed.  


A final pair of eyes for punctuation, spelling, and formatting. 3-6 cents per word.


Reworking and reconstructing sentences, consistency issues, and grammar. 10-20 cents per word.


Big picture editing. Includes style, concept, and broad organization of information. 10-20 cents per word.

SEO Link Building Prices

Guest blogging is an excellent way to earn reputable links to your website or blog and boost your rankings on search engines for target keywords. It can also increase traffic to your website and increase your authority within your niche. If you're unfamiliar with this method, there are plenty of introductory articles and videos online. In the ever-changing world of SEO, it remains a reliable strategy, but only when you're receiving links from quality content, that is valuable to readers, from legitimate websites. 


That's where I come in. Guest blogging on quality websites is typically time consuming and expensive. I have the experience to offer it for less.

Website Hosting the Article & Link Price
Low Authority Blog/Website $100-$300
Medium Authority Blog/Website $300-$500
High Authority Blog/Website $500-$1,000